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Barnier speaks on EU future and Brexit

Michel Barnier, speaking at the Brussels office of the Centre for European Reform, spoke on the EU “standing up for itself”. He said Brexit could be a turning point in what he called the European project. He noted the UK’s voiced strong support for the Single Market in 2012 and said that the stronger EU […]

EU Council publishes Brexit negotiation guidelines

The European Council has published its guidelines following the UK’s Article 50 notification. It notes the uncertainty that Brexit will mean for individuals and businesses in the UK and the rest of the EU and says the Union will maintain its unity throughout the exit negotiations and will “act as one” with the aim of […]

Government publishes Brexit White Paper

The Government has published its White Paper on building a new relationship with the EU after Brexit. The paper looks at the basis on which the Government wants to address the 12 principles Theresa May set out on 17 January. However, the Government says it has respected Parliament’s wish that it does not publish detail […]

May confirms Brexit Plan

Industry has reacted to Theresa May’s speech of 17 January, when she confirmed Britain would leave the single market.  In her speech, the Prime Minister reiterated that it is for the Government alone to invoke Article 50 and take responsibility for negotiations with the EU, working with the devolved administrations. She confirmed the plan, soon, to […]

Brexit Committee calls for Parliamentary vote on Brexit deal

The first report of the committee on exiting the EU calls for the Government to publish its Brexit plan by mid-February, and says that plan should set out the Government’s position on membership of the single market and should commit that Parliament will be able to vote on the final Treaty. Among the priorities the […]

Scotland’s Place in Europe

On 20 December 2016, the Scottish Government published what is would like to see happen after Brexit in its discussion paper on “Scotland’s Place in Europe”. The paper sets out the importance of continued European Single Market membership for Scotland (if not the entire UK), and says this is also the best outcome for the […]