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BoE updates resolution planning MoU

BoE has updated its MoU on resolution planning and crisis management between it, the PRA and Treasury. The MoU clearly sets out the duties of each entity and was last updated in April.

PRA consults on large exposures

PRA is consulting on changes to its large exposures rules to provide: enhanced guidance on application of criteria for core UK group and non-core LE group permissions; changing the non-core LE group calibration basis for firms that have both permissions; and changing how the non-core permission applies at UK consolidated group level. Consultation closes on […]

PRA consults on groups policy and double leverage

The PRA has outlined proposals on groups policy and double leverage in its latest consultation paper. Groups policy speaks to the distinction between individual legal entities (and the particular jurisdiction they are in) and the broader multi-jurisdictional banking groups of which they form a part, and the difficulties inherent in the PRA regulating both. Groups policy is […]

PRA comments on “Geofinance”

Sam Woods, speaking at Mansion House,  commented on what he predicts to be an increasingly prevailing dynamic in financial institutions and financial regulation. Geofinance is the impact of geography on how banks, insurers and regulators operate, and Woods remarks that it “is likely to be the defining challenge of the next few years.” Woods stated “stability begins at home” […]

PRA publishes Occasional Consultation

PRA’s latest Occasional Consultation paper proposes minor changes to several modules of its Rulebook. Proposed changes include changes to whistleblowing requirements for UK branches of non-EEA deposit takers, MiFID 2, IDD and BMR forms and CRR and CRD amendments in application requirements. Consultation closes on various dates from 17 October to 9 January.

PRA updates on IRB

PRA has published an update on its expectations on firms when they use the IRB approach.

PRA updates on Pillar 2A

PRA has refined its Pillar 2A capital framework from 1 January 2018 as part of its SREP reviews. It has published a new policy statement and update to its supervisory statement with instructions for reporting.

PRA makes leverage ratio changes

PRA has published changes to its reporting requirements relating to the leverage ratio, to apply to firms’ reporting and disclosure requirements from end of December 2017 onwards. The changes require banks to exclude from the calculation of total exposure measure those assets which are claims on central banks which are matched by deposits in the […]

PRA updates on MREL

PRA has published a statement of policy on its approach to setting its minimum requirements for eligible liabilities and own funds (MREL). The statement explains PRA’s approach in relation to going- and gone-concern resources, and its expectations on different size of firms.

PRA updates SMR forms

PRA has updated its forms firms must submit under the SMR. From 12 November, firms must use the following new forms: Long and Short Form As Form E Statement of Responsibilities Third Country Statement of Responsibilities