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FCA finalises perimeter guidance on personal recommendations

FCA has published a policy statement setting out its feedback on what is a “personal recommendation” in relation to retail investments, as part of its work on the FAMR. The new guidance, which will be in PERG, is aimed in part at reassuring firms that there is information they can give clients, and can even […]

Up next from FCA

FCA’s latest Policy Development Update promises, among other things: policy statement on regulatory fees and levies by the end of March; the delayed policy statement on further implementation of the FAMR; consultation on the Money Market Funds Regulation in January; the final policy statement and near final IDD rules, also in January; and consultation in […]

FCA feeds back on FAMR

FCA has published a policy statement on its consultation on FAMR and insistent clients.  Respondents were generally supportive of FCA’s proposed PERG guidance and also asked for more guidance in some areas. FCA will publish the new guidance in early 2018 and directs firms wanting to make use of the amendment to the RAO definition […]

FCA makes new rules

At FCA’s Board meeting on & December, it made several new rule instruments, covering (among other things), several changes to take effect from 3 January 2018: minor changes relating to MiFID 2 implementation, including a new definition of “high frequency algorithmic trading technique”, amending various definitions relating to derivatives to ensure they reflect changes to […]

Up next from FCA

FCA’s latest Policy Development Update promises the following publications before the end of 2017: Policy Statement on formalisation of the debt concession for smaller credit unions Policy Statement on market infrastructure providers’ fee rates Policy Statement on the second consultation on FAMR implementation Policy Statement on the second IDD implementation consultation (with a PS on […]

Up next from FCA

FCA’s latest Policy Development Update promises, before the end of the year: policy proposals for regulatory fees and levies policy statement on the second consultation on FAMR implementation policy statement on IDD consultation CP17/33 feedback on certain parts of occasional consultation and quarterly consultations  

FCA speaks on robo advice

Bob Ferguson has spoken on FCA’s take on robo advice. FCA supports automated advice, as it sees its use to consumers who are “unserved” or “underserved” by traditional models. FCA is keen to help firms who are developing automated models, with a view to reducing compliance risk, and testing suitability of recommendations to customers. He […]

FCA publishes streamlined advice guidance

FCA has published feedback on its consultation on guidance on streamlined advice and the fact find process. The guidance stems from two of the FAMR recommendations – and includes materials from existing guidance on adviser charging, complaints and redress, professional standards, appropriateness and discretionary investment management. FCA has also consulted on other FAMR related matters, […]

FCA consults on FAMR: implementation Part II and insistent clients

The FCA has today published its consultation paper (CP17/28) on implementing two of the recommendations made in the final report of the Financial Advice Market Review (FAMR), which was published in March 2016. FAMR was launched in 2015 by the FCA and HM Treasury (HMT) as a result of concerns that the market for financial advice in the […]

FCA updates on FAMR

FCA has announced the names of the 17 firms who have to date participated in its advice unit . There have been two cohorts of firms, representing deposit-takers, pension firms, IFAs and wealth managers and has included firms that provide web-based services. The unit is now expanding to include also firms that are developing automated […]

What’s coming up from FCA

FCA’s latest Policy Development Update indicates we can expect its fourth consultation paper on MiFID 2 implementation soon, maybe before the end of the year. It then promises feedback on consultations to date during the first half of 2017 – and will have to make its final rules by July to meet the transposition deadline. […]