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FCA makes new rules

FCA’s latest Handbook Notice confirms it has made rules amending: TC to update the qualification table COBS and MCOB in respect of the smarter communications initiative, in particular to address the risks of over-disclosure COBS to enable governance bodies of relevant pension schemes to get information to allow them to assess transaction costs the Listing […]

FCA makes new rules

At FCA’s July Board meeting it made several new rulebook instruments. Key changes are: to make minor changes to approved persons application forms with effect from 12 September; to set the fees payable to the PSR from 21 July; to amend COBS in respect of pension projections from 24 July so firms can prepare risk […]

FCA makes key MiFID 2 rules

On the deadline of 3 July, FCA has made its final rules implementing many aspects of MiFID 2. Its second feedback statement includes its response to consultation on amendments to PERG CASS complaints handling inducements, including adviser charging and inducements relating to research client categorisation disclosure requirements independence suitability appropriateness dealing and managing underwriting and […]

FCA disappointed on CFD TCF

FCA has published its review of appropriateness assessments firms make when selling CFD products. The review followed last year’s dear CEO letter which asked firms to consider whether their client take on processes complied with the Principles and COBS requirements. FCA found that, despite this, firms were not meeting its expectations, especially: they were not […]

FCA makes new rules

FCA made 4 new rules instruments at its June Board meeting. new fees rules taking effect from 3 July, to raise fees and levies to provide funding for the FOS and MAS to meet their statutory objectives, and to raise necessary funds for pensions guidance services and for Treasury to tackle illegal money lending; the […]

FCA publishes fourth MiFID 2 consultation

FCA has published its fourth consultation on changes to its rules to implement MiFID 2. This consultation is in many ways a sweep-up to cover all changes not previously covered in FCA’s other consultations. To a large extent it covers rules that apply to specialist firms. The changes, although few are fundamental, nevertheless affect most […]

What’s coming up from FCA

FCA’s latest Policy Development Update indicates we can expect its fourth consultation paper on MiFID 2 implementation soon, maybe before the end of the year. It then promises feedback on consultations to date during the first half of 2017 – and will have to make its final rules by July to meet the transposition deadline. […]