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Wolfsberg Group updates ABC guidance

The Wolfsberg Group has updated its guidance for financial institutions on how to construct an effective ABC compliance programme. Recent papers focus on particular issues such as PEPs. This paper focuses on how institutions manage their ABC risks in respect of behaviour of employees and third parties acting on their behalf. It also looks at […]

SFO speaks on DPAs

Ben Morgan of the SFO has reflected on the use of DPAs in bribery and corruption cases. He stressed that it is not the UK’s stance merely to require corporates to give back illegal gains – there must be an additional element of punishment and deterrence. He spoke first of the Standard Bank DPA, which, […]

SFO announces new bribery investigation

SFO has announced an investigation into ABB Ltd’s UK subsidiaries and their officers and employees, for suspected bribery and corruption. The investigation forms part of the Unaoil investigation which SFO began last summer.

SFO updates on DPAs

David Green has¬†updated on SFO’s work, including speaking about the 2 DPAs now concluded. He said more are in the pipeline. He noted the speed with which the Standard Bank DPA was concluded as opposed to the Sweett Group prosecution. He noted that in the Standard Bank case there was an emphasis on the nature […]