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SFO speaks on DPAs and investigations

Camilla de Silver of the SFO has spoken on prosecutors’ priorities. She started by noting the role of her audience in getting in place policies and procedures that would be adequate to provide a defence to an allegation of breach of s7 Bribery Act.  She commented that, to date, SFO has not come across a […]

SFO speaks on DPAs

Alun Milford has spoken on SFO’s use of deferred prosecution agreements for dealing with “certain co-operative and reformed corporate offenders”. He noted that SFO has now secured 4 DPAs, of which 3 have been published. He drew a number of conclusions from the experience to date: that a DPA is not a rubber stamping exercise […]

The Rolls Royce DPA

We have written an article about the Rolls Royce DPA in relation to bribery and corruption issues spanning many years and many jurisdictions.

SFO announces Rolls Royce DPA

SFO has announced it has entered into a a deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) with Rolls-Royce, following a 4 year investigation. The penalty is the highest yet in the UK against a company for criminal conduct, and the DPA was allowed on condition the company not only complies with its terms but also co-operates in future prosecutions […]

SFO updates on DPAs

David Green has updated on SFO’s work, including speaking about the 2 DPAs now concluded. He said more are in the pipeline. He noted the speed with which the Standard Bank DPA was concluded as opposed to the Sweett Group prosecution. He noted that in the Standard Bank case there was an emphasis on the nature […]