SFO speaks on fighting fraud and corruption

Lisa Osofsky has spoken about the global fight against fraud and corruption. One of the key points of her speech is the need to understand how different jurisdictions and different regulators operate. She gave the example of how the right to silence is treated – with the key difference being that a jury in the UK may draw an adverse inference from silence, but this is not allowed under the US system.

She spoke about the various jurisdictions that have now adopted their own form of DPA – but said it does not mean the same thing in each relevant country.

She moved on to discuss domestic co-operation, not only between UK regulators and the setting up of the Joint Money Laundering Intelligence Taskforce but also the importance of a true public-private partnership.

She moved on to discuss technology, and how 95% of evidence is electronically based and so SFO must adapt its tools to this.  It is also adapting to the new tools that new legislation gives it, such as the new powers under the CFA.


Emma Radmore