TI publishes latest CPI

The latest Corruption Perceptions Index contains few shocks, but a few pithy observations from Transparency International.  The top 10 includes 4 Nordic nations, and comprises Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, the Netherlands, Canada and Luxembourg. The UK is joint 11th, with Germany. All these countries scored 80 or more.

At the bottom, unsurprisingly, are Somalia, Syria, South Sudan, Yemen and North Korea.

TI notes improvers as Estonia, the Ivory Coast, Sengal and Guyana, “decliners” as Australia, Chile, Malta, Turkey and Mexico; and “ones to watch” as the USA, Czech Republic and Brazil.  It also notes that even those at the top are not corruption free, citing recent scandals such as Danske Bank, and the fact that only Sweden got a high effectiveness score from the FATF on its AML effectiveness. It is also concerned about how the Americas (with the exception of Canada) are performing – in particular noting the US has dropped 4 points and is now only a point above Uruguay, while three South American countries are near the foot of the table.



Emma Radmore