FCA makes new rules

FCA has made three new rules instruments at its September board meetings:

  • the Individual Accountability (Dual-Regulated Firms) Instrument 2018: this instrument makes significant changes to SYSC as well as to COCON, COND, APER FIT and SUP, and several other changes to many other handbook modules and guides. The changes mainly take effect on 10 December this year, with a few taking effect sooner and others next December
  • the Fees (Miscellaneous Amendments) (No 12) Instrument 2018, which takes effect on 1 October; and
  • the Supervision Manual (Reporting No 9) Instrument 2018m, which took effect on 28 September in relation to reporting timeframes for forms that maintain an Employers’ Liability Register.

It also confirmed the Consumer Credit (Creditworthiness) Instrument 2018, which it made in July and which takes effect on 1 November to clarify FCA’s expectations in relation to creditworthiness assessments.


Emma Radmore