ECB publishes draft regulation on money market statistics

The ECB has published a draft Regulation amending the Money Market Statistical Reporting (MMSR) Regulation.

Since July 2016, the ECB has used the MMSR Regulation to collect data on the euro money market. In addition, detailed data has been reported by large euro area banks on transactions denominated in euro in the unsecured, secured, foreign exchange swap and overnight index swap money market segments.

The draft Regulation aims to improve the quality of the euro money market statistics reported to the ECB. In particular, it aims to ensure that transactions with all financial counterparties are covered under the MMSR Regulation, and firm up the obligations of reporting agents to meet high standards designed to protect the integrity of the information. It also specifies that the data collected may be used for the development and administration of an unsecured overnight interest rate.

The deadline for comments on the draft Regulation is 10 September 2018.


Angie Bamboulis