Changes in terminology. PRA updates its Supervisory Statements

The PRA updated a number of its Supervisory Statements (SSs) on 4 July 2018 to reflect changes in terminology, following the publication of policy statement 15/18 “Strengthening individual accountability in insurance: Extension of the Senior Managers and Certification Regime to insurers”.

A list of those SSs can be found below.

  1. SS28/15 “Strengthening individual accountability in banking”;
  2. SS39/15 “Whistleblowing in deposit-takers, PRA-designated investment firms and insurers“;
  3. SS5/16 “Corporate governance: Board responsibilities”;
  4. SS10/16 “Solvency II: Remuneration requirements“; and
  5. SS3/17 “Solvency II: Matching adjustment – illiquid unrated assets and equity release mortgages“.