Monthly Archives: August 2016

FCA’s August Consumer Credit update

This month’s consumer credit update from FCA includes its publications in two on-going areas of work: crowdfunding and credit cards. The FCA has published a Call for Input for its review of the crowdfunding rules implemented in 2014. This review focuses on loan-based and investment-based platforms, but the areas of concern are wide ranging in scope, from investor protections, to business models, […]

General insurance: new disclosure rules from 1 April 2017

On 10 August FCA published Policy Statement PS16/21: ‘Increasing transparency and engagement at renewal in general insurance markets – feedback on CP15/41 and final rules and guidance’.  The policy statement contains new rules that will be added to the ICOBS from 1 April 2017.  Our article provides an overview of, and our comments on, these changes. Contact […]

LSB reports on outsourcing

LSB has published a report on how 7 members and key third parties control outsourcing of business covered by the Lending Code. It concludes the sample showed good controls. We think the report has some useful checklists that any oursourcing arrangement could consider.